Activists protest amendments in RTI Act

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Say the amendments in the act will effectively dilute the law

Pune: The ‘Save RTI Campaign’, which had organised a citizens’ protest by flashing mobile torches near Balgandharva Rangmandir, was attended by 300 citizens on Monday, who had come individually weathering the rain. There were representatives of more than 20 social organisations and a large number of youngsters.

Parliament has passed the RTI Amendment Bill, 2019 last week, which has created a stir among activists across the country.

“The recent amendments in RTI Act are absolutely unacceptable. The amendments will take away autonomy of information commissioners and effectively dilute the RTI Act. It will have a profound impact on our democracy,” said Tanmay Kanitkar, RTI activist and Founder Member of Parivartan, who was part of this protest.

He said, “We need a strong RTI Act for transparency and accountability in governance. We urge the President to not sign the Amendment Act and send it back to Parliament.”

The protests were vocal against  diluting of the Section 13 of the RTI Act by the amendment, wherein the government has clinched the power from information commissioners by controlling their tenure and salaries. 

“Citizens have appealed to the President of India not to sign the Amendment Bill,” said Vinita Deshmukh, an activist. She said, “The next plan of action of the ‘Save RTI Campaign’ will be to amplify the appeal through social media and form a State-wide cohesive group to fight this injustice. It will culminate in protests at Azad Maidan in Mumbai.”

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