A silver line

Amrita Prasad
Sunday, 14 April 2019

Ornate Jewels creates silver pieces that are wearable, contemporary and cost-efficient, says its founder Shelly Luthra

The relationship between women and jewellery is historical. Over the decades, there has been a huge shift in the choice of jewels though — instead of heavy, ornate and shining ornaments, today’s women prefer jewellery that defines their personality and is also functional. Ornate Jewels (ornatejewels.com), a Pune-based online company, founded by Shelly Luthra two years ago, caters to this changing tastes of today’s women.

Luthra makes pure silver wearable contemporary jewellery that is designed and manufactured in-house. “The gemstones are selected carefully to appeal to the wearers and bring the best out of the entire piece of jewellery. The designs are unique and lightweight,” she says.

Emphasising that they follow environment-friendly manufacturing practices and rigorous quality checks, Luthra says that  manufacturing and retailing in-house eliminates middlemen, giving customers the opportunity to buy directly and that makes the jewellery pieces very cost-efficient. It also gives a lifetime guarantee of the silver not turning black. 

Ornate Jewels, which also caters to international markets, strives to bring in the latest designs and trends for the modern Indian women. “We are a brand by the women, for the women, hence we understand the trends and what women are looking for in jewellery to suit their style,” points out Luthra. She began Ornate Jewels as a humble work-from-home venture which has now grown into a 10-member family.

Discussing the idea behind her jewellery, Luthra, says, “I always aspired to make jewellery that would be so fine that the wearer could sport it with confidence, and it would also not look low quality. I wanted to launch a line of contemporary everyday jewellery — a jewellery line which looked and felt like the white gold and real diamond pieces and high-quality gemstone jewels. I strongly believe that jewellery is meant to be worn and not kept in safety deposit vaults. My jewellery is for women who want to wear very high-quality jewellery without paying a high-ticket price. So, fine-studded silver jewellery does the trick. It imitates the look of white gold and diamonds without breaking the bank.”

A pair of Ornate Jewel’s lightweight studs goes well with a professional and casual look. “In fact, our jewellery is very comfortable to even wear from gym to office to an evening out. It is made of a precious metal and is not imitation artificial jewellery, so it definitely adds that glamour to the look. A pair of our earrings styled with a dainty necklace can accessorise any look to make it seem like one has made an effort in today’s busy lifestyle. Pearl strings are the favourite choice of urban women. They want hassle-free lightweight designs, which can be worn throughout the day without causing any discomfort. Jewellery for them should be easy to slip on and off. Minimalistic looks are especially in for this summer,” she adds.

The designs are made keeping in mind women in the 18-65 years age bracket. There are more than 1000 plus designs which cater to all tastes and age groups. The USP of the brand is American Diamonds (AD). Says Luthra, “American diamonds are the perfect alternative for women who love to wear and buy diamonds but can’t afford them. It is also a great option for those who want different jewels to match their different outfits and occasions. Here, Ornate Jewel’s affordable yet luxurious jewellery comes in handy. I have always wanted to have different kinds of jewellery that would look like the real deal. That is how the whole idea of incorporating American diamonds came into existence.” 

The brand sells online, which often becomes an obstacle for some companies, since many customers are dissuaded to buy without being able to touch the product. Talking of the same, Luthra says, “Since the onset of e-commerce, some marketplaces have left a bad taste in people’s mouth. Customers believe that what they see online is not what they will get. Getting people to trust us, therefore, is the biggest challenge before us. I urge other brands not to indulge in such practices. There are companies which are working hard to sell only genuine stuff. We are trying to create a positive experience. It is also important that consumers understand that all good things come for a price. If they desire quality, they need to trust the pricing — good quality and massive discounts don’t go hand in hand, they’re parallel.” 

She further adds that there are also customers who order and refuse to accept delivery, especially on the cash on delivery options. “Consumers need to be more responsible when buying online and understand that small companies are paying for shipping from their own pocket. Having said that, e-commerce has a wider reach. We are able to reach and sell to people living in the remotest of cities. We have realised that people in smaller cities are hungry for options. With major e-commerce retailers, the awareness of shopping online is growing each day. Our customer base is the whole country and we are not city-specific. As a businesswoman, the biggest benefit I personally see is that there is no discrimination when a business is online. The product and service is king, not the people behind it,” she concludes.

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