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Alisha Shinde
Monday, 24 December 2018

Chatting up Nikhil Kale, who alongwith Satyam Shastri has started a social media page, No One Cares. Kale tells us about the curation and monetisation process involved in it

Surf, tag friend in memes, sharing pictures on Facebook — that’s the pattern of activities on our social media sites. While doing this, not many of us are aware of the curators of the content that we follow and like on the net. Also, not many of us are aware that this content curation can be a full fledged paying career now. Proving this is the page titled No One Cares (NOC) that was started in 2016 with a budget of Rs 15,000. It now has a strong community backing of 26 million followers, which in turn has helped two college dropouts Satyam Shastri and Nikhil Kale, monetise their meaningful content. 

Kale gives us more details about NOC...
- Tell us about the journey of building up a strong number of followers online.
Satyam is from Madhya Pradesh and I am from Pune. Both of us met on Facebook and started to talk about how viral content works. Soon, we became friends and decided to start something that will become powerful on the social media platform. 

We decided to target people who are dealing with anger, anxiety and depression issues and on May 30, 2016, we started NOC. We got 100,000 followers on the page in just 10 days. Soon we were getting 100k-150k likes per day on the page. Now we have 26 million followers on our page and a team of 30-35 people working with us.

- What was the idea behind the page No One Cares?
Nowadays, people feel depressed, some have anxiety and emotional issues. We too went through something similar and wanted to do something to help these people. No One Cares was started with this intent. 

We used to post content that will make people feel that they’re not alone and it worked pretty well. We are working for 26 million people and our team is trying to make everyone’s newsfeed happy with our content.

- How can motivational and inspiring content bring about a positive change in society?
When we post something, we always make sure that it’s in the form of the solution for the reader. Our page is being followed by people in the age group of 13-20, so we post content that can be consumed by this age group only, focussing on teenage issues like breakups, depression and so on. 

- What are some of the challenges that you face?
Both of us are 20-years-old and sometimes our families ask us if this is really working. When it comes to hiring people for the team, many wonder if this ‘kid’ would be able to pay me. We have faced financial and technical problems, but with our dedication and consistency, things have started working out.

- How did you market the page? Has it become a source of income? If so, what are the few things to keep in mind while targeting an audience and creating content that can be monetised?
We started the page with an investment of Rs 1 5,000 and when the page had 1 lakh likes, we absolutely had no money left. Yet we decided to continue. We created quality content over quantity. We run a website Noonecares.me where millions of readers read their content. We also have worked with many big brands like McDonald’s, Rajnigandha, Fox Star and have also been digital partner for Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Currently, we are the social awareness partner for an Entrepreneurship Festival.

- How has NOC impacted your life?
It’s impacted our lives in many ways. Both of us are college dropouts and have risked this path that people have no knowledge about. But we are doing well. Funnily, more than 90 per cent of our friends follow NOC, comment and like the posts, sometimes even share stories, but they are unaware of who has created the content. Many people think that the page is run by foreigners. They can’t believe that people like us can also start something like this.

- How do you deal with fake followers? A lot of social media platforms recently took down fake profiles. What does that mean for social media pages?
We have a blue tick on our page that indicates that we are verified and authentic brand. This helps people identify between fake and real profile. Facebook removes more than 5000-10,000 fake profiles per day. If followers or likes are fake, then it’s of no use having a social media page. If a page owner posts something and if the page has fake followers, then no one is going to like the content that is posted.

- What are your future plans?
NOC will be soon a bigger platform where people would be able to express their opinions. Beside that, we have also started three more community platforms namley ‘Fashion Everyday’ ‘Who Cares?’ ‘No One Cares Videos’ to make sure that we will be creating content in every type. Soon are going to create more communities that will make an impact on people’s everyday life.

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