Push your boundaries smartly

Ishwari Sharma
Sunday, 18 August 2019

Businessman Kiran Karnawat, who believes in exercising every day, gives us a peek into his fitness and nutrition regime

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body,” some say. It not only helps keep a healthy body and mind, but also increases endurance, immunity, strength, thereby reducing the risk of ailments. In an active and busy lifestyle, it helps us sail through the day, boosts us to push through deadlines, time-tables and our everyday chores. 

Kiran Karnawat, CEO and managing director of one of the leading specialty gas companies of the country, and a few other ventures, has much more than a busy schedule. Yet his dedication towards fitness is laud-worthy.

The fitness enthusiast says, “Following a fitness regime for years now, I have found my feel good factor and that keeps me motivated.” Be it an overseas travel, a business meeting or a holiday, he strategises his travel to accommodate his fitness routine. 

His workout routine lasts for 75-90 minutes that comprises aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Karnawat says, “I focus on one muscle/part a day with high intensity training. I do 60 minutes of strength training, which is anaerobic and 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises, which is aerobic.” 

Karnawat keeps strength training as a priority because it helps in strengthening muscles, maintains high metabolism, which in turn keeps fat in check. It is thus good for people who want to lose weight in a sustained manner. “Cardio is good for the heart but not an ideal form to lose fat (not weight). Extended hours of this aerobic form of workout will only lead to loss of muscle and not help much towards fat loss. Weight loss on the weighing scale due to long cardio should not be mistaken as fat loss. Losing muscle further exacerbates fat loss,” he adds. 

Smart training is also a crucial part of his exercise regime. “It’s very important to do research by seeking advice from experts. When we’re younger, it’s easy to perform strenuous exercises such as skipping and running. But as you age, muscles and joints tend to become weak. This is the reason why I consider all aspects and then try to push my boundaries. At 48, I am competing with most of my exercise buddies who are half my age,” he adds. 

Without a good diet, all the efforts put into working out would go to waste. Being a vegetarian, Karnawat considers a good meal to have a balance of protein, good fat and carbohydrates. 

When asked if he has particular timings for his meals, he says, “Meals, timings and portions need to have consistency as per plan. I do not hesitate to supplement my meals with protein shakes. 

They have gained a bad reputation due to lack of information. However, they are a superior source of protein packed in a small scoop.” Karnawat also tends to avoid anything with “sweets or refined flour,” as too much sugar tends to result in an insulin spike, increasing and decreasing our energy levels in a quick span of time, whereas refined flour is simple carbohydrate with very low nutrition. He also avoids alcohol because, “It puts you behind on your goal and makes all your effort undone.” 

“Make fitness a habit, not a lifestyle. When we are young, it doesn't take much effort to go to the gym, but as we grow older, it becomes tougher with all health issues. Exercising from a younger age will make the ageing process slower and will reward you as you grow older,” Karnawat says on a concluding note. 

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