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Poorna Kulkarni
Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Art2Day gallery is holding a Monsoon Show which exhibits the art works done by students of Fine Arts colleges

Art exhibitions are a way for the artists to reach out to the audiences. More often than not, the space is used to display the works of senior and recognised artists. However, Art2Day gallery is hosting the first edition of Monsoon Show, an exhibition of the art works done by final year students of Fine Arts colleges from Pune.

The gallery received 60 entries from seven participating colleges out of which 20 entries were selected. The selection panel comprised Shrikant Kadam, a professional artist and committee member of Bombay Art Society, Priyamvada Pawar, co-curator of Art2Day, Pandurang Tathe, painter and Sudhakar Chavan, an art academician. 

“The talent in the art colleges is generally displayed in annual exhibitions that is limited only to the college staff, friends and relatives. Usually, galleries do not project the works of students but this is a good initiative. While selecting the art works for this exhibition, we looked at what unique concept/the student had come up with. We also tried to gauge the fundamentals that they learnt in their course,” says Kadam. 

Pawar adds that shows like these give students the much-required exposure before they embark on their journey as professional artists. “From next year, Art2Day gallery aims at getting art works from the students of art colleges all over Maharashtra,” she adds.  

An art work is the result of innumerable stimuli, but to present it before the audience, a platform plays a vital role. And therefore many students who sent in their entries to the gallery are thankful for the opportunity that came their way.  Says Gauri Choure, a student from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, “I got the much-needed exposure since it is hard after graduation to find a platform where one can display one’s work and communicate as a professional with the audience.” 

Two of Choure’s works in digital print inspired by books and movies will be displayed in the Monsoon Show.  

Another student from the same institute, Sonal Karnawat, says that most of her art works are inspired by her life experiences. “My artworks capture the experiences of my life. For this event, I have submitted two entries — Father, which has won an award, and Wedding Feast. The first painting depicts my relationship with my father, while the second one is a digital print,” she adds. 

Harshada More, who has named her artwork as Vision Direction Director has been inspired by ‘conversation’, ‘journey’ and ‘path’ which cumulatively sum up her life experiences.

Silence and observation can also result in a sublime experience. Rohit Yadav, a painter, says, “My paintings are based on sea coral theme that are generally seen underwater and the silence I experience when I go underwater diving. I have named my artworks done in mixed media as Kriya-Prakriya.” He adds, “The mention of such events in our resume adds more weightage to our profile. It will benefit my future projects.”  

Uttam Janwade, a student from MIT School of Fine Arts, says that his artworks are mostly model paintings. The portraits are done in mix media. He says, “I like doing portrait paintings because I like to express the emotions of the person through my painting. I have submitted two untitled paintings for the Monsoon Show. Throughout my course in college, I did model paintings and so that was my specialisation subject in the final year as well.” 

The Monsoon Show is on till July 21, at Art2Day Gallery, Bhandarkar Road between 11.30 am-7 pm

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