Amrita Prasad
Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Catching up with four women DJs who are coming from four different parts of the world, to take your Holi celebration a notch higher

Electronic dance music artist, singer-songwriter,  DJ Univz from Ukraine is a global name. DJ Nina from Poland is a jack of all trades and master of all. Russian DJ Julia Bliss is known to be the soul of all parties. Ukrainian artist DJ Tayla Moss creates unique experimental club tracks. All these four DJs are flying down to India to perform at a Holi Bash organised by Imagica at Khopoli from March 21-24.   

Here’s chatting them up...

- What do you know about the Holi festival?
Univz: I used to often watch Holi celebrations in travel shows on television. I think it’s a triumph of all those who love freedom. People create an extraordinary atmosphere colouring this world and spreading the love. In my country, it’s not very common, but it’s starting to take off.

Tayla Moss: I got to know about Holi festival through Indian films and music videos. This festival also takes place in Ukraine, but in the month of June. I love Indian music and the celebration style.

Julia Bliss: In Moscow, Holi is not only a festive occasion, but also a chance to socialise and network. Russia celebrated Holi Mela for many years across all the cities engaging every citizen. It has now become a tradition, thanks to the Indian community who introduced this beautiful festival to us.

Nina Suerte: A year ago, I had the opportunity to play Holi for the first time at the Holi festival, for which I was preparing myself, not just musically. I wanted to know the history of this event so that I could connect with people in a better way. Now that I’m aware, I can’t wait to play and celebrate this beautiful day. 

In my home country (Poland), we also celebrate the Holi festival, throw colours. It is all fun and party in our country. It doesn’t have as deep a meaning as it’s here in India. 

- How are you intending to connect with Indians at the bash?
Univz: Music is an international language! I have always been able to find a common language with my audience and get even closer to the people by thinking of myself as an Indian girl.

Tayla: I will communicate with Indians with the help of their favourite desi Bollywood dance tracks and with the sounds of an enchanting and exploding saxophone.

Julia: We’ll make it a memorable event for all attendants by combining European EDM sound with BDM tunes or Indian Bollywood tunes for everyone to enjoy and get them dancing.

Nina: Of course, I have selected music for this special day based on my interactions with Indians on various occasions. I am excited as I can experience these beautiful and joyful moments with the people in India.

- How would you define your music?
Univz: Firstly, my music is like a space odyssey. I invest a lot of efforts and thoughts in my tracks by trying to spin a little fairy tale or a fantasy world around each of them. Through each track, I describe the stories I went through or would like to experience. 

It is very touching to receive messages from my fans that my music helps them deal with stress in their lives. I grew up surrounded by creative people, artists and musicians. I always felt the life of an artist is very remarkable. 

Tayla: I was introduced to music when I was just seven and my taste in music has grown over the years. The music which I play today has been built over 14 years and is always accompanied by my signature style, ranging from interesting harmony, chords, melody, bass and music instruments. 

As a DJ, I can play my favourite music, mix whatever and however I want it. I like when people are having fun. I like to give my energy to receive even more in return. I like to see people smile when they listen to the sound of my saxophone. When I’m on stage, I’m the happiest person. Since this is the goal and the dream of my life, I practise music every day for 7-10 hours, because I want to develop and become the best version of myself.  

Julia: I’m a festival DJ. My sound been made the way that thousands of people on the ground would enjoy it. It’s epic, loud, melodic, expressive, but not noisy or non-harmonic sounds. What I mean is the music will be similar to trap (type of EDM) or even hard trap (party chartbusters). 

DJing is a way to express myself. It’s a route to verbalise what I feel via music and find like-minded, like-hearted people who will listen to my sound and be happy, express themselves through their dance and enjoy those moments.  

Nina: I have been a DJ since I was five. My entire family comprises musicians. Music is a powerful tool that connects everyone. In fact, the key task of us DJs is to entertain people such that they take as much pleasure as possible from every performance. Thus I combine different styles to turn every event energetic and interesting. 

- Have you ever faced sexism in your profession?
Univz: I believe that in the modern civilised world, men and women have the same rights and opportunities. I get a huge support from many world famous male DJs/producers, so I think as girls we just need to do our job well and not complain about sexism.

Tayla: I have never ever faced any kind of bias in my profession as a woman because I always try to maximise myself and try to deliver on expectations.

Julia: Women DJs are equally empowered when it comes to interaction with the music equipment and software. I have never felt discriminated or disliked or not accepted as a DJ. In fact, it’s a huge challenge for male DJs today with women taking over the industry.

Nina: Female DJs are quite new to this industry as it was previously led by men. Although they were critical of female DJs in the beginning, now male DJs are starting to cooperate with us, which is a positive development.

DJ Univz will play on March 21, DJ Nina on March 22, DJ Tayla on March 23 and  DJ Julia will play on March 24 at Imagica Holi Bash, Khopoli

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