‘You are what you eat’

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Aryan Pushkar, a final year engineering student from VIT, Vellore, has been working out regularly and is disciplined about his diet 

Exercising regularly, everyday if possible, can help us lead a healthy life. It helps control appetite, boosts mood, improves stamina, increases sleep and has several other benefits. If most people devoted time and effort to staying fit and healthy, there would be less diseases in the world and people would live much longer. Unfortunately, as one gets older, it gets difficult to keep fit and may require serious lifestyle changes. So the sooner you start, the better.  

Aryan Pushkar, a final year engineering student from VIT, Vellore, is a fitness enthusiast, has his own YouTube music channel and aspires to be an actor. He goes to the gym four to six times a week, depending on his university schedule for the day. His workout session goes on for about 90 minutes with 15 minutes of cardio and weight training for the rest. “This may vary from person to person as, when one initially starts out the body fat may be more, for which one needs to focus more on cardio rather than weight training” he says. 

Exercise can improve mental health. Pushkar agrees and says, “It has made me more confident and I feel more at peace.” It has also helped him gain a new outlook due to which he has now made working out a part of his day-to-day life. 

When one is working out, one also needs to take care of the diet. Pushkar’s major workout motto is: “You are what you eat”. He believes that all the workout and weight training becomes futile if the diet is not taken care of.  

Pushkar’s daily diet currently comprises eight eggs, 350 gm of chicken and 1 to 2 scoops of a protein supplement. Ask him how he manages to follow a diet while staying at the college hostel and he says, “My father knew my career aspirations and supported me. He was kind enough to give me extra pocket money to meet my dietary requirements. Hence, I used to skip most meals in the mess and cooked the food myself.” 

He has been focused and disciplined about his diet but once in a while he allows himself a cheat meal, but that’s rare.  

We all know how excessive intake of alcohol can have a negative impact on health. “Alcohol intoxicates the body immensely and can push back the schedule by about two to three days due to the hangover that follows. When consumed in moderation, it does not leave much of an impact on the schedule and I have personally taken care of the same,” he says.

Apart from working out regularly, he plays almost every common sport. He is an avid golfer, and badminton and tennis player, and district level cricketer. He has always enjoyed playing football, basketball and swimming. “Being sporty and athletic helped me build a strong upper body which was a great start to my workout session,” he concludes. 

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