‘Winter is Coming,’ literally!

Alisha Shinde
Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Vladimir Furdik, aka Night King, from Game of Thrones who will be attending the Delhi Comic Con this year, shares his experience of being on the show

In the past few years, Game of Thrones (GoT) has become a popular name in almost every household in India and abroad. The obsession with the popular series got to such a point that a few diehard fans are finding it difficult to come to terms with GoT’s final season next year. 

Packed with action and drama, the show has made a great impact with its unique characters. If you have watched these epic characters on your television and computer screens, now you can meet Night King in the flesh at Comic Con Delhi taking place from December 7-9. Talking to Vladimir Furdik, who plays the role of Night King, we find out more about his GoT experience and his take on Comic Con.
Night King is one of the most hated and mysterious characters on the show and he doesn’t speak a word. Ask him if there are any similarities between him and the character he plays and Vladimir replies that he was offered the role as he had prepared and created a lot of stunts for HBO productions in the past. 

However, he treats all projects equally, no single project has a special status. What makes a project different are the people that he works with. “Some are better prepared and some are not, but when it comes to GoT people were super ready and everyone knew what to do. Although the role of Night King is mysterious and not liked by people, I definitely enjoyed being on the show.”

The show will be airing its final season in 2019. Ask him what is that one thing that he will miss about the show and Vladimir promptly responds, “Every beginning has an end,  so we have to reconcile with GoT’s exit, but on the other hand, almost every end has a new beginning, so I look forward to my new roles in the future.” 

Numerous fan theories have been coming up ever since the show appeared. Does he believe in any of them? Like his character in the show he does not utter a single word and chooses to stay mum.

It is the first time that he will be attending Comic Con in India and he is eagerly looking forward to the experience since it’s been 20 years he visited India while he was filming Alisea and the Dream Prince. He stayed in the country for approximately two months and met a lot of people. “I also had the opportunity to see the beautiful countryside and taste traditional Indian food. I want to have the same experience again at the Comic Con because I have never met such friendly people as I have in India. I am looking forward to meeting my fans here,” he adds.
Since he will be at the Comic Con, we asked him if he could share a few tips on how to dress up like Night King. “The transformation process is quite interesting and takes almost six hours,” he says adding that his make-up consists of eight layers which sticks to his face. “It’s hard to create the look but it’s not hard to wear. Besides, it  protects you from the cold and wind, so if anyone wants to accurately represent me, it would take some effort!” he says.

He is of the opinion that Comic Con is one big platform that really brings life to characters and comics in the digital world. “That said, I never knew about Comic Con before I started playing Night King,” he says adding that he personally likes the stories from the Comic Con universe.
Before signing off he says that after Comic Con India he will stay for only two days in the country before heading home. “But I promise to come back soon again for at least four months in India,” Vladimir concludes.

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