‘I do real stuff’ 

Sushmita Jha
Wednesday, 5 December 2018

After garnering praise for his rustic character in Mirzapur, Vikrant Massey is back to impress audiences with his role in Alt Balaji’s Broken But Beautiful

From television to the big screen, versatile actor Vikrant Massey has always enchanted his audience with brilliant acting skills and a serene personality. People loved his rough character Bablu Pandit in Amazon Prime Video’s Mirzapur. Vikrant’s latest release Broken but Beautiful sees him playing a completely opposite role. The series will take you on a journey of two broken people and how they fill each other’s void. Vikrant shares how love and companionship can be defined in different ways and  how working in various entertainment platforms has helped him become the actor he is today. Excerpts:

Tell us about the show Broken and Beautiful and your character?
My character is called Veer in Broken but Beautiful. Veer is ambitious, desiring money, he is one who wants to secure his family and his future, like any other guy. He has a stable life with his sweetheart until an incident occurs which turns his life upside down. He loses his wife in a freak accident and nothing remains the same for him any more. With his dreams and ambitions shattered, Veer turns into a bitter person who has trust issues. He then encounters another person who also has baggage like everyone else. 

The show is about these two people, how they come together and two hearts make one. It’s about companionship in the true sense. It’s not a typical love story since it doesn’t show the process of falling in love, instead it deals with how love and companionship can be defined in different ways. It shows how it’s not necessary for two people who love, empathise and connect with each other to end up getting married or live as girlfriend-boyfriend. 

Have you ever been through heartbreaks?
Like everyone, I’ve also had my share of ups and downs in my love life. I have experienced heartbreaks. I might have, knowingly or unknowingly, broken someone else’s heart too, because every person behaves differently with different people. 

You’re an actor who has worked on all the platforms of entertainment. How was your experience and what is your takeaway?
My experience has been fantastic. I am really grateful that I got to experience and work in all these platforms, but I have just begun! I am not in a position to sit back and evaluate what I have done. I am just focusing on how consistent I can be as a person and as an actor.
My takeaway from all the work I have done on all the platforms is that every minute  I have spent on the projects has made me into the actor I am today. Working for television was the most challenging. I am not kidding, it was my military training for 10 years. 

You’ve always done off-beat shows. Did you choose such projects or did the projects choose you?
I think it’s a balance of both. Some shows chose me whereas there were some shows I chose. Like Balika Vadhu chose me and Baba Aeso Var Dhundo was selected by me. A lot of big TV stars rejected that show, and I was the 7th actor to read the script and I was so surprised at how the others could reject something like this. And I think the reason behind it is my alternative nature. I have been an alternative person since childhood. While my friends like Sachin Tendulkar, I rooted for someone like Rahul Dravid. Whatever the majority liked, I disliked, and vice versa. A lot of people tell me that I do heavy and serious stuff, but I do not agree with it. I think I do real stuff, and if reality is so harsh, so be it. If reality is so disturbing, then you should sit down and think about where we are heading.

You’ve been trained as a dancer under Shiamak Davar. Will we be seeing some of your dance moves on screen?
No one has ever given me a character which would dance. But yes, if I get a such a character that requires to dance, I will definitely do it.

What are your future projects?
There’s lots to do. I am working on Criminal Justice with Pankaj Tripathi and Jackie Shroff. I also have four feature outings for next year.

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