‘The city feels alive’

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Coming from an Army background, Tarashna Nathawat has stayed in multiple cities but Pune feels like second home  

Army Brat Tarashna Nathawat has stayed in multiple cities. But ask Nathawat, who originally hails from Jaipur, which is her favourite and she promptly replies: “Pune”. This fourth year LLB student from ILS Law College has lived in Pune for five years now and has never found the lifestyle to be monotonous. “Pune and Jaipur are miles apart culturally, yet, somehow, Pune’s culture just happens to grow on you and the city ends up becoming your second home,” she says.   

According to her, the best thing that the city offers is the assurance of safety. “Pune has made me an independent person and I have travelled to every nook and corner with a two wheeler as my best companion. People here are so expressive and open about their opinions, which makes it easier to communicate despite the existing language barrier,” she says.

Nathawat uses the word “lively” to describe Pune’s lifestyle. “The city feels alive and always on the move,” says the youngster, adding, “The good weather definitely adds to it and since the majority of the crowd is student based, it’s easy to gel well with almost anyone you meet.” 

History being one of her best interests, Nathawat has always managed to find a location in the city to satisfy the geek in her quite easily. She says, “The city has multiple places that one can find for relaxation or a quick weekend getaway. This place has quite a number of historical places which not only fulfill your interests but also add value to the local culture.”

While talking about the food, she says, “There are great food joints across the city and many of them offer a variety of Maharashtrian delicacies. They are heavenly, especially for a foodie like me. Full of flavours and spices, I find the food here simply irresistible.” Good Luck Cafe, Marz-O-Rin and cafes like Mocha and German Bakery have been her favourite eateries so far. 

Ask her whether she would like to see any transformations in the city and she clearly mentions two —  the unbeatable traffic and the cleanliness issue. “People in Pune have no sense of driving and refuse to obey traffic rules. This leads to unnecessary traffic jams which can be frustrating especially when you’re longing to reach home after a hectic day” says Nathawat. 

“Cleanliness too is a serious health hazard that the government as well as the residents of the city need to work on,” she says, adding that litter can be found on almost every corner of the city roads and this can be a major health concern, especially during monsoon. There are multiple times when drains are left open which can spread diseases and stench.  

That said, Nathawat has been enjoying every moment of her stay in Pune and so far, the journey has been fulfilling.

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